Official ship's log for the year "Smeg knows"

Red Dwarf Log No. 1996 is a book written as a ship's log of one year aboard Red Dwarf.


Written by Paul Alexander with research contributions from Andrew Burnett and Sharon Burnett, the Log was presented in the format of an official diary with entries made by Rimmer, Lister, Cat, Kryten and Holly. The crew mentioned what they were doing and included poems, drawings, photos, biographies of the crew and other ephemera. It also featured other information such as Red Dwarf's course over the past year and facts about the moons of Jupiter and Saturn.

The rear cover featured a message from the Space Corps commander in charge of Red Dwarf and urged all crew members to maintain the log in accordance with Space Corps Directive 7713. Many of the pages featured other directives to which the crew must adhere.

Behind the scenes

Exactly where this book fits (if at all) into the continuity of the show is unclear. Several references are made to things that happened during Series VI, but Holly makes many entries in the log despite not appearing in that season or most of the next.


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