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Red Dwarf XII: The Game is a 2017 mobile phone video game and sequel to Red Dwarf XI: The Game (production on the latter was suspended whilst the sequel was developed).

Unlike the former game, XII: The Game is completely free, although it includes some optional sponsorship videos.


The game is primarily based on Series XII of Red Dwarf. However there are over 75 unlockable playable characters in the game, which also includes characters from Series XI also (and some behind the scenes characters, such as Ray Peacock.)

Their is a fair amount of randomisation in the levels, which will take on a different area depending on the character. For example, if the player chooses Ankita, then the level may be based on the Mercenoid transport ship she is rescued from in the television series. There are occasional obstacles such as attacking Expanoids, incoming skutters, barrels, and other objects.

The episodic format was replaced with a free-to-play model, and an stream of endlessly repeatable mini-games. The player can run through environments seen in Series XII, explore space in Starbug and rescue ships in distress, or take quizzes.



Although not all reviews were positive[1], Red Dwarf XII: The Game generally had a better reception than it's predecessor, Red Dwarf XI: The Game. The Quick Play option was praised, as was the improvement to controls.[2]

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