RD Shuttle train

The Canaries inside the Red Dwarf train, on route to a meeting with a Tyrannosaurus Rex

The Red Dwarf train, also referred to as the shuttle train, was a rapid transit-style type of transportation aboard the JMC mining spaceship Red Dwarf.

The Red Dwarf train has only been seen in Series VIII, and therefore was likely another nanobot-induced modification of the ship, like in most of Series VIII. It was apparently much faster than the earlier seen Xpress Lifts.

The most notable appearance of the Red Dwarf train was when Lister, Rimmer, Kochanski, the Cat, the Holly Watch, Kill Crazy and Baxter were all sent into the bowels of Red Dwarf, all inside the Red Dwarf train, to take care of a rampaging Tyrannosaurus Rex. ("Pete: II", Series VIII)

Behind the scenes

  • All crewmen except the Canaries, even the captain, apparently had to pay "fares" to use the shuttle. In a deleted scene for "Pete: I", Captain Hollister says that he got the shuttle train to the Medi-Bay after Lister and Rimmer spiked him with the erection-inducing Boing, and he stopped the lift proximity-activated doors from closing. Hollister ended up having to pay two shuttle fares.