Tongue Tied

"See you next time."

The Revolving Toilet is one of the many artificial intelligences aboard the JMC mining spaceship Red Dwarf.

It took the form of a toilet, which is located on a revolving plinth behind the washbasin and under the mirror in Lister's and Rimmer's original bunkroom, and was for the most part out of sight.

Voice activated, it gives a distinctive, electronic sound when activating and revolving, it speaks in a dull male voice and bears a sign which reads "Now irradiate your hands."


Lister asked Holly why the computer had brought Rimmer back as a hologram instead of Kochanski. The computer senile Holly told Lister that he thought Rimmer was the best person to keep Lister, the last human alive, sane. Lister responded to Holly with an exclamation of "Oh crap", and the Revolving Toilet heard this and buzzed into action.

When Lister says he didn't want the toilet, saying "Not you!", the Revolving Toilet apologises and says that it wasn't paying attention. It says "See you next time!" before revolving back into the wall and deactivating. ("Balance of Power", Series I)

The Revolving Toilet in "Bodysnatcher"

A similar incident occurs in "Bodysnatcher", the "lost episode" of Series I, reconstructed with the voice talents of Chris Barrie for The Bodysnatcher Collection.

When Lister wakes up one morning to find that he is inexplicably bald, he exclaims "Crap!" and the toilet once again buzzed into action.


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