Tongue Tied

Since I seized power, there is no other god but me.
- Rodon

Rodon, also known as the Feral King, is the dictator of the nomadic Felis sapiens who originated aboard Red Dwarf and the commander of the the fleet of starships they now travel the Galaxy in.

After seizing power over the fleet, Rodon initiated a doctrine of 'might-is-right'. Appointed himself as a living deity, he ordered the execution of any Cats teaching about their prior religion and old god Cloister, and confiscation of any copies of their old holy book, the Book of Smeg. Rodon's inner circle became known as the Feral Cats.

Rodon now lives a pampered, narcissistic existence, waited on by sycophants such as Count Ludo. (The Promised Land)



Rodon was likely alive during religious wars waged by the Felis sapiens onboard Red Dwarf before Dave Lister was released from stasis. He may have also undergone teaching at "kitty school" similar to Cat during his youth. ("Waiting for God", Series I)


Rodon is a ruthless tyrant with a god complex. He's built a cult of personality and intends to have all disbelievers killed.


  • Not counting his feral cat underlings, he is the third Felis sapiens to appear onscreen in the show after Cat and the elderly Cat Priest.
  • Rodon has the biggest claws of any of the cats.
  • The character of Rodon had some genesis in Zural from the unproduced and non-canon episode "Identity Within", another villainous male Felis sapiens.

Behind the Scenes

  • Doug Naylor said that he wanted the Feral King to look like Conan the Barbarian with an afro and gold incisor teeth.
    • Rodon's cat teeth were real gold. According to Vanessa White, the hair and make-up designer on set, this made Danny John-Jules very jealous, whose own cat teeth are now old and worn. Fearon was allowed to keep the teeth after filming.[1]
    • Rodon's hair is modeled after the blue-gray Persian cat of Vanessa White, the hair and make-up designer.[2]
  • Rodon is portrayed by Ray Fearon who studied the performance of Danny John-Jules as Cat to mimic the mannerisms of a Felis sapiens. Craig Charles has joked that he was so good that he should have played Cat.[3]


  • You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.
  • The clowder must see that insurrection will not be tolerated.
  • I am the commander of the armies of the feral guards, general of the fearless legions, feral king, and one goddam gorgeous pussycat.
  • Whore man! Bitch of the people! (to Cat)
  • If I allow you to live, my sovereignty would dribble through my fingers like fine grains of kitty litter (to Cloister/Lister)
  • Go get the goddamm stone!
  • I grow impatient.
  • Send fish to their mammies.
  • Fire everything we have!
  • What, the little pink furry shag bandit is my brother? My brother was younger than me! (On Cat)
  • How do you feel now, brother? Want to return to your people, huh?
  • The clowder must witness their death. Only then will they realise that there is no Cloister. And no hope, for ever finding a promised land.
  • Well, isn't this interesting. Battle to the death. You, in an out-of-commission transport ship. And me, with a battle cruiser put together using the finest technology salvaged from derelicts the length and breadth of space.



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