Skeleton of Romero G Gonzalez

Dave Lister and the Cat discover the skeleton of Gonzalez aboard Asclepius' Station

Romero G. Gonzalez was once a human stasis booth engineer aboard Asclepius' Station.


Time loop

An overweight man with a sweet tooth, Gonzalez spent a lot of time hanging around the automated snack dispenser, Snacky, with whom he shared many details of his work and projects.

One day Gonzalez was approached by himself from thirty years into his future, who warned him never to travel into the past, since he would die if he did. The younger Gonzalez refused to believe this and stabbed his future self. He sealed off that part of the ship, allowing the corpse of his future self to become skeletal. Wracked by growing anxiety, he then spent the next thirty years experimenting with hacking stasis fields to create time portals. He eventually perfected this incredibly complicated procedure and went back in time to warn himself, completing his own fateful time loop.

Three million years later

Three million years later, Red Dwarf came across Asclepius' Station and the boys from the Dwarf decided to scavenge it. There they found both Snacky, and the skeleton of Gonzalez, and they were perplexed as to why Gonzalez's DNA was on both the knife blade and handle. Eventually, the Dwarfers were forced to escape the destruction of the space station due to an asteroid storm. Unfortunately, a meeting with the deranged medi-bot Asclepius aboard the station also left Dave Lister without any kidneys.

Back aboard Red Dwarf, the Dwarfers were able to convince Snacky - who they also rescued from the space station - to tell them what Gonzalez had taught him about hacking stasis booths to create a time portal. Using this knowledge, Snacky was able to create a time portal on B Deck so that the Dwarfers could go back in time and reacquire some new kidneys for Lister. ("Give & Take", Series XI)