Tongue Tied

Rusty is a male MK. 2 Series 4000 DivaDroid mechanoid.


Unfortunately for Rusty, he was aboard SS Vespasian, a vessel run by "superior" MK. 3 Series 4000s, who looked down on him as an inferior model. As such, they made Rusty work in the lower levels as a slave, maintaining the Engine Room with the other MK. 2s - the "grunts".

Rusty briefly met two of the boys from the DwarfDave Lister and Cat, who had been made into mechanoids by Rusty's overlords, the MILFs (Mechanoid Intergalactic Liberation Front), giving them some background as the social status aboard Vespasian. Rusty had been told not to talk to the new mechs, but showed a rebellious side by doing so.

Rusty is updated to a MK.4 and made equal by the light of Siliconia

Soon after, as Kryten and the Lister-mechanoid were being forced to have a "clean-off" in the Colosseum, Vespasian reached Siliconia. Its light shined into Vespasian and all the droids aboard had their software wirelessly upgraded to make them MK. 4 Series 4000s - and therefore "the same". The event halted the duel in the Colosseum.

After the Dwarfers had been returned to their former state, and gone back to the Red Dwarf, Kryten had a farewell talk with the droids of Vespasian. During this talk it became clear that Rusty was now considered equal with his former master Wind. Rusty seemed happy with his new lot in life, and that he and Wind had a shared in goal in exploring and "cleaning" the Universe with their loaded squeegees. ("Siliconia", Series XII)


  • Before he was made an equal MK. 4, it is unclear whether Rusty was officially a member of the MILFs, like the MK. 3 models who lived in the upper decks.
  • Although it possible that Rusty was just a "grunt" like the other MK. 2s, he seemed to speak for them. It is possible that Rusty was some sort of leader among the MK. 2s, or perhaps a foreman of the Engine Room.

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