Tongue Tied

Earth, an example of an S3 planet

S3 Planet (Solar Three Planet) was the Space Corps designation for any planetoid or planetary body in the Galaxy that has a similar atmosphere and conditions to Earth.


The classification evokes the placing and conditions of the homeworld of humans as the third planet from its star, within the habitable zone, the same as Earth in its own solar system.

However, an S3 Planet does not have to necessarily be the third planet from its star to fall into the designation, or even be a planet at all, as long as it can support human life on the surface. An S3 Planet could be a whole planet, a rocky moon, an ocean moon, or even an asteroid, if the planetary body has enough gravitational pull to hold onto a suitable atmosphere.

S3 planetoids encountered by Red Dwarf

There were several other planets visited by the Dwarfers, but they were not shown or mentioned explicitly to be S3 planets. There were also several crashed vessels and bases on planetary surfaces, but the atmospheres breathed by the crew may have been from the ship or base rather than the planet itself.

Non-S3 Planets

An example of a non-S3 planet visited by the Boys from the Dwarf would be the lava moon or Traga 16.