Tongue Tied

An SOS virus was a complex, powerful and malicious computer virus designed to render a spaceship inoperable.


Although its origin was unknown, the virus was spread by being transmitted from an unidentified, unmanned craft in the disguise of a distress signal, hence the name (an "S.O.S." being the standard designation of an emergency signal; a legacy of old Morse code from Earth history). Once connected to another ship computer, the SOS virus would download its "e-cargo", or electronic cargo, which was more of a data tsunami than a data stream, overloading the ship core and/or A.I. and causing the ship to lose function.

Astros of the Space Corps and the JMC were taught the dangers of the SOS virus in basic training.


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("Mechocracy", Series XII)


  • Given the similarity to the Armageddon Virus, it is possible that the virus was Simulant in origin. However, a disgruntled Space Corps engineer or even GELFs are also other other possibilities.
    • Another possibility is that it was the Mercenoid, since his ship was previously left close to a Black Hole (in the previous series finale "Can of Worms") which was also a supermassive Black Hole like the once encountered in "Mechocracy".