Diving Bell Cassandra (4)

The Canaries entering the underwater SS Silverberg with the diving bell of Red Dwarf

SS Silverberg was a Space Corps spaceship containing an experimental computer named Cassandra that could predict the future with an accuracy of one hundred percent, found in the Series VIII episode "Cassandra".

After discovering how dangerous to the mind of a human knowing the future could be, the Space Corps sent Silverberg and its computer into Deep Space where it crashed into an ocean moon. Red Dwarf later encountered the moon and thought that something had taken the ship down and eaten its crew, bones and all. They sent in their convict army called the Canaries in the Diving Bell (this team was comprised of Lister, Kryten, Rimmer, Cat, Kochanski, Holly, Knot, and Kill Crazy among others).

On board, Cassandra knew that Lister was destined to kill her and tried to change the future. She attempted to make Lister kill Rimmer by having Rimmer sleep with Kochanski. This would make Lister feel guilty and punish him. In the end, Kryten figured this plan out, preventing Lister from shooting Rimmer. Lister vowed not to kill Cassandra as she predicted. However, he accidentally caused her death by setting off a chain of events leading to her blowing up. ("Cassandra", Series VIII)