Lady Sabrina Mulholland-Jjones was the wife of Fred Holden, inventor of the Tension Sheet.

The eldest daughter of the Duke of Lincoln, Lady Sabrina was an extremely beautiful and high-class young woman who made herself very famous as a model, best-selling novellist and international jetsetter. Arnold Rimmer described her as "the most desirable woman in the western hemisphere". She married Fred "Thickie" Holden, the self made millionaire, which astounded Rimmer because Holden was "a spotty little gimp".

When Dave Lister altered the timeline to put himself in Holden's place, it was he who married Lady Sabrina. When she told her father about the relationship, the Duke perched himself on top of his clay pigeon launcher and shouted "PULL"! Despite her high-born status, Lister referred to her as "me bird". When Rimmer tried to set things right by visiting Lister's mansion, he was surprised to see Sabrina having lunch with Lister, realising that she would have married whoever invented the Tension Sheet for their money and status.

When Rimmer reset the timeline back to almost normal, Sabrina presumably ended up marrying Holden as before.(RD: Timeslides)