The chief of the Sakenyako, Ekwahektay, hails Starbug: "Prepare to die, human ship of scum!"

The Sakenyako are a species of humanoid GELF.


The Sakenyako were once dying of disease, but they made contact with the mechanoid Butler from the wreck of the Nova 3. Butler was something of a polymath, who considered his specialty to be medical breakthroughs, and he made their "skin demons flee". For his service in curing them, Butler was made an honorary member of the tribe, was made godfather to their chief's daughter, and given a lifetime's supply of GELF berry wine, which Butler used as weed killer on his gardens.


Sakenyako gunships ambush Starbug

This all came in useful in later years, when the Sakenyako attacked the boys from the Dwarf in six gunships as the Dwarfers traveled in Starbug, although Butler was able to diffuse the situation, saving the Dwarfers.

Butler attempted to teach the pronunciation of Sakenyako words to Kryten, which Butler said was much more tricky than the Kinitawowi which Kryten had previously mastered. Kryten was very jealous of this (one of many things which made Kryten jealous of Butler), especially when the rest of the Dwarfers seemed able to speak Sakenyako.

Butler left the Dwarfers to help heal the chief's father, Baknaknegath, who was dying of a fever, and the Sakenyako teleported Butler over to their ships. (Krysis, Series XI)


  • Only one member of the Sakenyako, the chief Ekwahektay, is seen, although numerous others are mentioned.
  • Given that they have only appeared in one scene of one episode, little is revealed of the Sakenyako. Their appearance is somewhere between the Kinitawowi and the BEGGs, and so their history may be somewhere between. It is unknown if they were a nomadic race, or if they had a homeworld similar to previously mentioned GELF species. The Sakenyako seemed fairly primitive in custom, similar to the Kinitawowi, although evidently advanced enough to operate and coordinate multiple spacecraft.