Tongue Tied

A flashback of the shuttle White Midget returning from Mimas to the Red Dwarf in Saturn orbit within the Terran System
("Ouroboros", Series VII)

Saturn is an orange-hued, gas giant-class planet in Earth's Solar System, with a distinctive set of planetary rings.

Saturn was host to a large number of moons (over sixty), many of which had been colonised by the Space Corps by the mid-to-late 22nd century.

Among these moons included Titan and Mimas, two planetoids once visited regularly by the Jupiter Mining Corporation spaceship Red Dwarf, before the Dwarf left the Solar System. Dave Lister found himself inexplicably on Mimas after a drunken pub crawl on Earth, and signed up with the Red Dwarf as part of a plan to get back home when the Dwarf stopped by the Saturnian system. (Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers)

The Saturnian system could be called the homeworld of the later Felis sapiens species, since Lister had acquired his pet cat Frankenstein - the progenitor of the species - whilst on shore leave on Mimas, for companionship after being dumped by Kochanski. ("Ouroboros", Series VII). Frankenstein was soon after impregnated by a tomcat on Titan. ("The End", Series I)

Saturn itself was host to some space stations and higher learning facilities. Arnold Rimmer was born on Io, a moon of Jupiter, and also undertook his primary education on Io. However, Rimmer later went to Saturn Technical College where he attended a maintenance course, before joining the JMC as a Second Technician. ("Thanks for the Memory", Series II)

After Red Dwarf left the Solar System, Saturn was the site of a space war. Rimmer's child with Yvonne McGruder (whose birth was unbeknownst to Rimmer) joined the Space Corps Marines. Michael McGruder had been brought up on false stories from his mother about how tough, heroic and daring his father had been, and tried to follow in his erstwhile father's footsteps. Michael fought in the "Saturn War of Hyperion", and was decorated for his bravery. After recovering a Black Box from the Red Dwarf and learning about the accident, Michael made it his mission to find what was left of his father in Deep Space. (Last Human)

Saturn's rings were a massive tourist attraction. Its network of moons were "often seedy and downmarket," but they "generated a lot of business, merely because of their position along established trade routes." (Better Than Life)