Scoop of the Century is the name of a notable 2011 fan-made Red Dwarf web comic. It was green-lit by Doug Naylor, and drawn by Kris Carter a.k.a. Drivaar of DeviantArt (Carter had previously done strips for Red Dwarf Fan Club magazine Better Than Life in the 1990s).[1]

Scoop of the Century is set sometime after Back to Earth, bridging Back to Earth to Series X. Lister complains that their bazookoids are so weak that they can barely light a cigarette, but Rimmer still insists that Lister properly train with them. Rimmer sets up "Arnie's Firing Range" in Cargo Bay 12. On Rimmer's first demonstration of "proper use", the blasts release some construction sand which the Felis sapiens had been using as a giant litter tray.

A monster arises from the sand which is impervious to bazookoid fire. The Cat "cleans out the litter" by pushing the poo monster out of an airlock with a bulldozer resembling Garby. It breaks up, silently screaming in outer space. Lister says that it's biggest monster dump ever. Rimmer wants to reprimand Cat for not being fully trained and not wearing a hard hat whilst in a construction vehicle.[2]