Tongue Tied

"Three million years from Earth, the mining ship Red Dwarf. Its crew: Dave Lister, the last human being alive, Arnold Rimmer, a hologram of his dead bunkmate, and a creature who evolved from the ship's cat. Message ends."

- Holly, Series II

Series II of Red Dwarf aired between September and October 1988. It starred Chris Barrie as Arnold Rimmer, Craig Charles as Dave Lister, Danny John-Jules as Cat and Norman Lovett as Holly.


Dave Lister continues his long voyage home, meeting new friends, experiencing the ultimate in computer gaming, digging up old memories, going to the past to find his one true love married, facing the iron rule of the ship's backup computer, and even meeting Deb Lister: a woman who is as much of a space bum as he is.

Main Cast


Picture Title Original Airdate Episode #
Kryten - David Ross.jpg Kryten 6 September 1988 7
The Boys from the Dwarf receive a distress signal from the Nova 5, a ship crewed by three beautiful women, or so they think.
Betterthanlife.png Better Than Life 13 September 1988 8
Lister, Cat and Rimmer play a virtual reality game that promises them all they have ever wanted.
Rimmerthanks.png Thanks for the Memory 20 September 1988 9
For the anniversary of Rimmer's death, Lister decides to give Rimmer the memory of one of his most memorable love affairs.
Listerstasisleak.jpg Stasis Leak 27 September 1988 10
A time leak in the ship's stasis system allows the Boys from the Dwarf to travel back in time before the accident.
Queeg.jpg Queeg 4 October 1988 11
Holly is displaced by Queeg 500 as the Red Dwarf computer, and the crew's initial elation at the change is quickly displaced by terror.
Parallelcrews.jpg Parallel Universe 11 October 1988 12
Holly's Holly Hop Drive catapults Red Dwarf into an universe where everything is opposite, including male and female relations.

Background Information

  • After the extended period of time it took for Series I to be completed, the second series followed hot on its heels later that same year.
  • This was the first series to end in a cliff-hanger: Lister's pregnancy with Jim and Bexley as first foreshadowed in "Future Echoes", a trend later continued in Series VI, VII and VIII, although it was only addressed through a brief text crawl in the opener of the next series after the episode dealing with it in depth was cut from the production.
  • In "Kryten", Rimmer states that it's been 3,000,002 years since he has seen a woman, suggesting Series II begins two years after Lister's revival. However a couple of episodes later, in "Thanks for the Memory", Rimmer says he's been dead for three years, suggesting Series II takes place over the course of more than a year.
  • This was the first season in which the crew went to places outside Red Dwarf. During the previous series, every episode was set on board the ship.
  • The pixel effect was removed from Holly's face, allowing the audience to see the face of Norman Lovett more clearly.
  • Although Mel Bibby did not join the show until the next series, some of the sets for this series had items that were not grey added, allowing them to look more colourful.
  • This was the second series to be remastered, the other two were the first and third series.
  • This was the first season of the show to be repeated rather than the first season itself, as the crew were "unhappy" with the previous series.
  • Because of his popularity in the first series of Red Dwarf, Craig Charles took on the role of the villain in a series called The Marksman
  • This is unique among the full seasons of Red Dwarf in that no person, creature, or mechanical life-form dies on-screen during the course of the season. The only character deaths to occur at all are the crew of the Nova 5, who all die off-screen before the events of "Kryten" take place.