Tongue Tied

Series IV of Red Dwarf aired between February and March 1991. It starred Chris Barrie as Arnold Rimmer, Craig Charles as Dave Lister, Danny John-Jules as Cat, Robert Llewellyn as Kryten and Hattie Hayridge as Holly.


The adventures of the Boys from the Dwarf continue as as Kryten finds unconventional love and discovers his humanity and true self, Arnold Rimmer is sentenced to 9000 years in prison, meets his dashingly heroic alter-ego ("what a guy!") and leads an army of waxdroids into battle, while Holly grapples with her computer senility and the crew face the terrors of a killer simulant and an psychopathic curry man.

Main Cast


Picture Title Original Airdate Episode #
1camille.jpg Camille 14 February 1991 19
Kryten finds his ideal mate on a wrecked ship, the problem is that she appears to be everybody's perfect mate.
2dna.jpg D.N.A. 21 February 1991 20
A strange machine turns Kryten into a human and Lister's Vindaloo is turned into a fearsome curry monster.
3justice.jpg Justice 28 February 1991 21
The computer of a prison station finds Rimmer guilty of the murder of the crew of the Red Dwarf and sentences him to 9000 years behind bars.
4whitehole.jpg White Hole 7 March 1991 22
A one in a million pool shot might be the only way to save Holly after a botched procedure to increase her IQ puts the ship on course with a White Hole.
5dimensionjump.jpg Dimension Jump 14 March 1991 23
Starbug collides with an experimental spacecraft piloted by Ace Rimmer, the heroic counterpart of Arnold who has arrived from another dimension.
6meltdown.jpg Meltdown 21 March 1991 24
A test-run of the matter paddle lands the crew on a planet where waxdroids of famous historical figures are engaged in the ultimate battle.

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Background Information

  • This series was not aired until after more than a year had passed since the previous one, and yet has far less changes than III did to Series II.
  • This was the first series to be filmed at Shepperton Studios.
  • The 1990 novel, Better Than Life, contained the plot of White Hole, the year before the episode aired.