Tongue Tied

Series V of Red Dwarf aired between February and March 1992. It starred Chris Barrie as Arnold Rimmer, Craig Charles as Dave Lister, Danny John-Jules as Cat, Robert Llewellyn as Kryten and Hattie Hayridge as Holly.


Horrors and delights abound, as Arnold Rimmer wins and gives everything up for love, the crew face utter erasure from history in the ultimate test of their self-worth, take a stroll through Rimmer's self-loathing sub-concious physically manifested, and later face the extent of his cruelty and the terror of his insanity (hand puppet accomplice on side), only before meeting each of their own best and worst halves and finally having who they are ultimately thrown into question. Can the crew make it through it all with themselves intact?

Main Cast


Picture Title Original Airdate Episode #
1holoship.jpg Holoship 20 February 1992 25
The crew encounters a legendary holoship, a spaceship made entirely of light and crewed by highly trained, and extremely arrogant, holograms.
2inquisitor.jpg The Inquisitor 27 February 1992 26
The crew faces off against the Inquisitor, a self-repairing simulant who survived to the end of time and has made it his mission to visit every single soul, judging each one on whether they have lead a worthwhile life, deleting the ones who did not and replacing them those who never had a chance to exist.
3terrorform.jpg Terrorform 5 March 1992 27
Arnold Rimmer is lost on a psi-moon, a terraforming moon that reshapes itself to mimic a person's psyche. With Rimmer's own psyche controlling the moon, the Dave Lister, Kryten and Cat have to wade through the most gruesome horror and battle an entity know as the Unspeakable One in order to rescue Rimmer and escape.
4quarentine.jpg Quarantine 12 March 1992 28
Rimmer is driven insane by a holovirus and tortures Lister, Kryten and the Cat with his new telekinetic powers and with the help of his fearsome henchman, Mr. Flibble.
5angelsanddemons.jpg Demons & Angels 19 March 1992 29
A triplicator, a device that makes three copies of anything, triplicates Red Dwarf and its crew into three different versions: the normal crew, a saintly version of the crew and a cross-dressing, naughty, evil version.
5backtoreality.jpg Back To Reality 26 March 1992 30
Just as the crew is about to die a most horrible death, the screen flashes "Game Over" and Lister, Kryten, the Cat and Rimmer find that their adventures aboard Red Dwarf were but a computer game...or were they?

Background Information

  • During the course of Series V, the crew encounters four different versions of themselves: the alternate Lister and Kryten from "The Inquisitor", the good and evil versions of themselves from "Demons & Angels" and the "real" versions from "Back to Reality".
  • "Back to Reality" was aired as the series closer in order to keep fans guessing whether the game explanation was real or not.
  • This was the last series to feature Holly and Red Dwarf itself until the finale of Series VII, and the last ever appearance of the female version played by Hattie Hayridge. Holly in male form also later vanishes from Back to Earth onward.
  • The VHS release of Series V stands out in that the episode order bears no resemblance at all to the broadcast or production order. This came about thanks to both "Back to Reality" and "Quarantine" being exceptionally well-received, and the BBC wishing to have both on different cassettes to maximise their commercial potential. As a result, the first VHS tape, Byte One contained "Back to Reality," "Demons and Angels" and "Holoship," while the second tape, Byte Two contained "Quarantine," "The Inquisitor" and "Terrorform."
  • This was the first and only series to be directed by Juliet May. She never understood the concept of directing the show, and so Grant Naylor directed the remaining ones.