The Sewers were a sanitary sewerage system located in the bowels of the city-sized JMC mining spaceship Red Dwarf.

Prisoners from the classified prison known as the Tank on Floor 13 were often commissioned to maintain the sewers; that is, prisoners who had not gained certain privileges from joining the Canaries.

Lister and Rimmer were once given the option of cleaning out the sewers, but instead elected to go on another "suicide mission" with Kill Crazy and other Canaries, where they encountered a GELF with three heads. ("Krytie TV" deleted scenes, Series VIII)


Behind the Scenes

  • The sewers of Red Dwarf are mentioned in a notable fan-made comic, green-lit by Doug Naylor and drawn by Kris Carter a.k.a. Drivaar of DeviantArt (Carter had previously done strips for Red Dwarf Fan Club magazine Better Than Life in the 1990s).[1] The comic strip is set sometime during Series X and is called "Scoop of the Century". It features a mutated creature arising from the three-million-year-old fecal matter, which charges around the cargo bays and is impervious to Bazookoid fire. Cat "cleans out the litter" by pushing the poo monster out of an airlock with a bulldozer resembling Garby. Rimmer wants to reprimand Cat for not being fully trained and not wearing a hard hat whilst in a construction vehicle.[2]