Tongue Tied

Shaft 14 was one of the artificially intelligent elevators aboard the JMC mining spaceship Red Dwarf.


Shaft 14 once connected the sleeping quarters to the science room near the front of the ship to B Deck. The Dwarfers once made extensive use of it in their plan to get Lister some new kidneys, after traveling back in time through a stasis leak created by Snacky.

As the past version of Rimmer searched for the strange energy signatures with a Psi-Scan, he got into an argument with Shaft 14 when he arrived outside it and called down Shaft 14. Soon Rimmer accused it of being too slow, and he ordered one of the passing skutters to demote it by installing the lift into a grungier part of the ship. Rimmer was unaware that his future self was actually in the lift, who promised to instead place it in a nicer part of the ship if it ignored Rimmer's past self, referring to his past self as a gimboid.

Three weeks later, after Rimmer had forgotten about his promises to Shaft 14, he entered Shaft 14 in a grungier part of the ship, and the lift decides to get revenge on him. Since the former snack dispenser and new engineer Snacky had since installed a nuclear reactor to the lift's counterweight, it can now travel near the speed of light, and tests it by taking Rimmer at light speed around the ship. ("Give & Take", Series XI)



  • Shaft 14 is the first of the Red Dwarf elevators to be explicitly shown to have artificial intelligence. The Xpress Lifts of Series II had the Lift Hostess, although the Lift Hostess was likely just a recording.

Behind the scenes

  • Shaft 14 was voiced by Daniel Barker, who was simply credited as "Lift". Barker also had numerous voice credits on Series XI, including "The Universe".