The shami kebab diablo is an incredibly spicy and indigestible kebab invented by Dave Lister.

He once prepared it for his best friend, Olaf Petersen, who had to spend a week in the medi-bay. According to Lister, it's like eating "molten lava".

Lister was once attacked by a polymorph disguised as one of his kebabs whilst enjoying the dish. At first Kryten did not understand, as he believed that Lister deliberately created food that could attack him, since Lister told him about how he loved near-lethal spicy foods ("Do you really like them that hot sir?"). (RD: Polymorph)

The novel Better Than Life also contains this plot. In the abridged audio book version it is the kebab itself that causes Lister's heart attack at the end of the story.

Lister's other culinary creations are the similarly lethal chilli chutney sandwich, his personal beverage the beer milkshake, and sugar puff sandwiches.