Tongue Tied

'Professor' Shaul Telford was an individual who claimed to be a top neurosurgeon originating from United America on Earth in the late 23rd century.

Later, Telford was the sole staff member of a facility in Deep Space researching a "cure for evil". At this Evil Rehabilitation Base, some of Earth's most controversial figures had been resurrected, and Telford was tasked with seeing if he "switch their empathy back on". However, some on Earth began to fear that a cure for evil may mean an end to war, and subsequently wreck the economy. A strike quad was sent to destroy the base, but Telford and the "cured evils" pooled their resources and repelled the attack. They then went into stasis in the base cryobooths.

Three million years later, the boys from the Dwarf came across Telford's base when they were looking for tech to repair the faulty steering of Starbug. Telford and his patients were awoken by the emergence of Starbug, and offered the boys hospitalities the use of the base's facilities.

In fact, Telford was the true inmate of the facility, and his "patients" in fact android replicas of his former doctors. Having failed to kill the posse and steal Starbug after learning that the planetoid the base was situated on was due to be destroyed, and having been exposed by a psychopathy test conducted on all crewmembers, he dropped the façade and threatened the crew at gunpoint, demanding to know how to start the shuttle. Cat offered to kill his friends and show him how to operate the ship, pointing out that the psychopathy test had also identified him as one. Satisfied with Cat's reasoning, Telford gave Cat the gun. However, Cat was in fact bluffing, having recently been taught how to pull a 'pokey face' by Lister, and he shot Telford from behind, either killing him outright or disabling him and leaving him to die on the soon-to-be-destroyed planetoid.

("Cured", Series XII)