Tongue Tied

some Astros having a shave

The city-sized ship red dwarf has many Showers and Bathrooms throughout, some in sleeping quarters and others in communal rooms. Ranging in various colours and style depending location and pre or post nanobot reconstruction. These facilities are used by Crew, Miners and Prisoners.


Stasis leaks opens out to a shower in the past

Following directions from Rimmer's old diary, the gang head down to the old stasis booths on Floor 16. There they find a hidden stasis leak where the past has leaked into the room and which acts as a doorway to the past, to a little while before the crew all died. The gang go through and come out the other side, right into a shower room where this man taking a shower, who looked baffled. Embarrassingly, Lister briefly pretends to be a "Kissagram" and heads off, then the Cat bumps in to him and make an embarrassing comment on the mans penis and then heads off. He never seemed to notice the stasis leak hole, and could not of survived going through. ("Stasis Leak", Series II)

En suite Shower Season 3

When Lister and Rimmer decide to Swap bodies Rimmer seeing what a slob lister has been with hygiene and cleanliness he decides to take Listers body for a thorough cleaning using detergents and bath room cleaners. Sarcastically saying he will get Lister's dirt carbon dated. ("Bodyswap", Series III)

Kryten taking a shower in the ladies

Due to kryten being classed as a woman he had to share the showers with the female prisoners in the Tank. Later, Kill Crazy and other prisoners kidnapped Kryten and reprogrammed him to be a ruthless and immoral capitalist. While the male prisoners were watching a movie in the prison cinema, it was interrupted by Krytie TV, a new pay for view channel transmitted from Kryten's eyes. The first programme was "Shower Night Live", a 3 hour live feed of the women's shower block. (RD: Krytie TV)


Lister makes a Bath

Starbug quarters had en suite shower cubical after the "dimensional anomalies". On board Starbug after a restless night Kristine is feeling home sick and missing her creature comforts. To cheer her up Lister makes Kristine a bubble bath out of a retro housing and other parts found around Starbug. (RD: Duct Soup)