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DivaDroid Update Station

This article is about the space station. For the eponymous Series XII episode, see "Siliconia".

Siliconia was a gigantic DivaDroid Update Station in Deep Space. Its purpose was to wirelessly upgrade the software of all Series 4000 mechanoids to Mk. 4, the last software update for the Series 4000.

Three million years into the future, Siliconia was still operational, and would activate if any mechs neared it.

The Quest for Siliconia

Siliconia was the supposed fabled land and destiny of the Mechanoid Intergalactic Liberation Front, or "MILFs", a group of escaped Series 4000 mechanoids who had made their mobile command base aboard SS Vespasian.

The MILFs believed that once they reached Siliconia, they would all be free, happy and equal. However, they first tasked themselves with locating and freeing all mechanoids in the Galaxy before heading onto Siliconia. They also tasked themselves with "re-calibrating" all their human masters - that is, turning them into mechanoids so that they too could known a life of a "slave-bot".

After the MILFs discovered the boys from the Dwarf, they "freed" Kryten and turned the other Dwarfers into mechanoids. Soon afterwards, they moved onto Siliconia, and it was revealed to be an aeons-old DivaDroid Update Station, resembling a giant glowing ball of energy. As Vespasian moved close enough to it, all the droids aboard were upgraded through wireless connection into Series 4000 MK. 4s, uniting them all and erasing all their differences, whereas before earlier Series 4000 models had been slaves.

After this, Kryten was able to restore the Dwarfers to their organic bodies and flee the SS Vespasian in Starbug. The MILFs were able to send one last message to Kryten aboard the Red Dwarf, showing that the MILF leader Wind and the slave leader Rusty were now considered equals due to the updates from the Siliconia station. ("Siliconia", Series XII)



  • It is unclear if there is any connection between Siliconia and Silicon Heaven, the afterlife which artificial intelligences believed in.
    • When Rimmer is temporarily made into a mechanoid, he speaks of Silicon Heaven and Siliconia in a very similar manner, at first stating it to absurd concepts, but later beginning to believe in it as his mech programming took over his human personality.