Tongue Tied

Dominator Zlurth presides over a Simulant General War Council on the Simulant Death Ship.

Simulant Generals are the elite crew of the Simulant Death Ship, berserker simulant warlords who have been crossbred with humans in order to create insane biomechnical entities of pure evil.

The Simulant Generals are led by Dominator Zlurth, who commands a war council of lesser Chancellors. Unlike their other rogue counterparts they appear to be far more organized and efficient, opting to just destroy their targets rather than prolonging their agony as is common among most other simulants.

In appearance they also appear far more physically human, with only marginal signs of their mechanical nature, and are filled with fleshy internal organs. They are still far more physically strong than human beings are, as they can survive a direct stab in the gut with only minimal discomfort. Their punishments can be quite severe, mercy being a human quality, including being forced to polish weaponry and writing letters of apology - though notably not the imposition of hari-kari.

A Simulant Death Ship and its crew encounter Red Dwarf after trying to recover a cloth map of the Galaxy that was stolen by a rogue droid known as Hogey the Roguey. Launching Annihilators at Red Dwarf, the Dwarfers manage to escape their ship on Blue Midget and navigate their way into an asteroid field, where they hide and try to come up with a plan. Arnold Rimmer and the rest of the crew manage to trick them into destroying their own ships by getting them to line up around the craft and fire their missiles, with Lister using Hogey's Molecular Destabilizer to destabilize Blue Midget's hulls to allow the missiles to pass through the ship unharmed and then hurtle towards the Simulant craft. ("The Beginning", Series X)