Tongue Tied

The Simulant Lieutenant was a homicidal crewmember aboard a simulant battle cruiser. She appeared to be a tall and imposing human woman, with a deep and husky voice and two sets of eyebrows.

When Starbug wandered into a rogue simulant hunting area, they were intercepted by a heavily armed warship. The captain gave his orders to a lieutenant, who relayed information back to him. After the captain incapacitated the Starbug crew, he ordered his crew to upgrade Starbug so that they could provide a challenge. This was a huge mistake, because Cat suggested a frontal attack which all but destroyed the cruiser. The lieutenant hacked into Starbug's navicomp and transferred the Armageddon Virus in retaliation. Starbug then left the cruiser for dead... ("RD: Gunmen of the Apocalypse")

Several days later, Starbug came back across the cruiser and the boys boarded it for supplies. As they looted the ship, they came across the lieutenant, who had survived the initial assault. She held them at gunpoint, insulting them while Cat insisted that he was not wearing the same outfit as the last time they met and Lister tried to convince her not to fire, for fear of setting off a "shipquake". He even asked her out on a date, but she was busy dying and was prepared to take the Dwarfers with her. Rimmer circled behind her, but didn't fire his bazookoid. Instead he jumped into a nearby escape pod and launched it, starting the destruction of the ship and dumping a load of debris down on the lieutenant's head, presumably killing her ("RD: Rimmerworld").

Behind the Scenes

  • Liz Hickling was credited as Simulant Lieutenant in "Gunmen of the Apocalypse", and then as Rogue Simulant for "Rimmerworld", although it is made clear that she is playing the same character.
  • A similar female simulant character, Sim Crawford, appears in the Series X opener "Trojan", also with a husky voice, but lacking the twinned eyebrows.