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The Sinclair ZX81

The Sinclair ZX81 is an old home video games console, first released in England, Earth, in the year 1981. Although iconic and revolutionary at the time of release, and earning a knighthood for the company's founder, the console was notoriously unreliable with a predisposition to crash.

Three million years later, the boys from the Dwarf still made reference to the console and implied that they had one aboard Red Dwarf. (Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers)

Holly, the tenth generation AI computer of Red Dwarf, once tried to console a heartbroken Dave Lister when Lister believed his love Kristine Kochanski had married another man. Holly told Lister about how he was in love once, to a ZX81, although he was warned away from 'her'. She was cheap, stupid, and wouldn't load, at least for him anyway. ("Stasis Leak", Series II)

When the Dwarfers crashed into an asteroid belt overrun with Psirens, Kryten reminded the others that Starbug was built to last, and had crashed more times than a ZX81. ("Psirens", Series VI)


  • Aside from "Hilly", Holly's female counterpart, the ZX81 is another former lover of Holly's.
  • The UKTV Play guide (the parent company of Dave which currently produces Red Dwarf) describes Holly as "slower than a ZX81".[1]


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