Tongue Tied

The Solar System is the name given to the planetary bodies, including Earth, which orbit Earth's star, also known as Sol or Terra.

Other planetary systems around others stars in the Galaxy were designated as exoplanetary systems, and some of them were visited by the gang from Red Dwarf three million years later, when Dave Lister came out of stasis.

Earth's Solar System

The shuttle White Midget approaches Red Dwarf in Saturn orbit within the Terran System

By the time the JMC mining spaceship Red Dwarf left the Solar System in the mid-to-late 22nd century, most of the Solar System had been colonised by the Space Corps. Some of the Terran planets and moons were once frequently visited by Red Dwarf crew such as Lister, Rimmer, Olaf Petersen and MacWilliams on planetary shore leave.

The Terran system included, from the closest to Sol to the furthest away:

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Exoplanetary Solar Systems

A White Hole in a planetary system in Deep Space

A significant number of other solar systems have been visited by the boys from the Dwarf around the Galaxy, but rarely have they been named or designated. One example of this would be the Sigma 14 system.

The presence of exoplanetary star systems is implied by the existence of nearly stars close to many of the asteroid belts and S3 planetoids they have landed on, and also in the names of some of the planetoids, such as Delta VII, Adelphi 12 and Traga 16.

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