Tongue Tied

Real-life lichens growing on rocks on Earth

Space food were forms of moss, lichens and fungus that could be found growing on some asteroids in Deep Space. Although edible, such food was generally found to be distasteful, even disgusting.

During the time that the boys from the Dwarf were stranded on Starbug looking for their lost mothership, space weevils ate the last of their corn supply. (RD: Legion)

When the refrigeration unit aboard Starbug broke down, they lost most of their fresh food, forcing them to drastic measures. To keep them from starving, Kryten would prepare meals for Lister and the Cat with "a few pathetic handfuls" of the mosses and fungus that they scraped off of passing asteroids.

Some of the meals prepared by Kryten from these included "nourishing space nettle soup, asteroid lichen stew, and dandelion soubriquet". Lister and Cat would rather face the Simulants again then be served another such supper.

This was one the reasons why they went back to the wreck of the Simulant Battle Cruiser, since the wreck (crippled by laser cannons in "Gunmen of the Apocalypse") still contained a large amount of food supplies. The supply situation was resolved when they used a teleporter to beam most of the supplies to Starbug, and much needed fuel, although the reappearance of the Simulant Lieutenant sparked off a notable chain of events. (RD: Rimmerworld)


  • Such food may or may not be related to Titan Mushrooms.
  • In the real world, molds have been found to be surviving on the hull of the International Space Station[1]; the European Space Agency has sent up pods of lichens to see if they could survive the vacuum and cosmic radiation (they did)[2]; and NASA is constantly trying ways to disinfect spacecraft since microbes thrive in the environment.[3]