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Dave Lister wearing a spacesuit whilst painting Red Dwarf, mainly used on DVDs

A space suit is a layer of protective, pressurised, full-body clothing used by astros to keep them alive during a space walk in the vacuum of space, or in the harsh environment of non-S3 planets. A space suit allows biological crewmembers to breathe, and not be exposed to radiation and temperature extremes.

The massive Jupiter Mining Corporation spaceship Red Dwarf, as well as its shuttlecraft such as Blue Midget and Starbug, had a large number of different space suits for the crew to wear. There are variations for various specialisations, such as for the technicians and miners. Variations include silver, grey, maroon, brown, red, and yellow suits.

Notable Appearances

Space suits were worn whenever the boys from the Dwarf ventured out into a harsh environment, although Arnold Rimmer (being a hologram) and Kryten (being a mechanoid) didn't need to wear one for survival.

Dave Lister kept his space suit in various pieces around his bunkroom, including in his locker. (Series I and II) He heavily customised the boots of his space suit, and liked to wear them around the ship, but his crewmates hated this due to the smell, and often put them in the airlock. Cat customised his own space suit, entirely in gold. ("Kryten")

Confidence killed himself because he refused to believe that he could not breathe in outer space. Claiming that "oxygen is for losers," he removed his helmet and exploded. ("Confidence & Paranoia", Series I)

Lister was told by the other Dwarfers that, if he wanted to strum his guitar, he had to put on a space suit and do it in outer space. Lister called his crewmates "peasants" because of this. ("Psirens", Series VI)

Pree once forced Lister into an airlock using the garbage droids, and he barely had enough time to get his space suit on before being ejected into space. Lister ejected air from the suit, using it as a propellant, and was able to reenter Red Dwarf though the Front Ramscoop. ("Fathers & Suns", Series X

When Lister lost Starbug to the BEGGs on their moon, he had to use the jet-pack on his space suit to get back to Red Dwarf. Kryten noticed Lister floating outside the sleeping quarters porthole window, radioing to Kryten to let him in from the suit, saying that he had lost his keys. ("Entangled", Series X)

Cat once had an episode when exploring a derelict, Iron Star, and the thermostat on his space suit began to malfunction and he began to greatly overheat. Refusing to share coolant with Lister, he took his helmet off instead. Rimmer had not yet finished scanning the air, but fortunately for Cat, the atmosphere aboard was breathable. (The Promised Land deleted scenes)



  • One possible reason why Lister doesn't like being in a space suit is his intense and recurring claustrophobia.
  • According to the novels, Lister's former best friend before the accident, Olaf Petersen, owned a space suit which contained beer instead of air.

Behind the Scenes

  • In the episode "Thanks for the Memory", Craig Charles completed filming the deathday scene in a Welsh quarry, but then left to attend the birth of his son. Fortunately, Charles had completed all of his voice-over work, although it actually Mike Agnew in the space suit when Lister and Cat later discover the gravestone to Lise Yates.[1]
  • The Planet Rimmer scenes for "Timewave" were shot in the studio and completed with green-screen, although tons of real sand was used. After every take, studio hands swept the sand to rub out footprints, a process which was very time consuming. Extensive reshoots meant Craig Charles nearly fainted from the heat in his space suit and under the hot studio lights.[2]


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