Tongue Tied

Lister and Confidence go for a space walk along the outer hull of Red Dwarf
("Confidence & Paranoia", Series I)

A space walk is an activity whereby an astro dons a space suit and exits the confines of his/her spaceship i.e. extravehicular activity.

Series I

Dave Lister once went for a space walk along the hull of Red Dwarf with a manifestation of his inner confidence, simply named Confidence, who had come into being due to Lister having contracted space pneumonia. Confidence had helped Lister deduce where Rimmer had hidden Kochanski's hologram disc - behind the solar panel outside their sleeping quarters porthole window, so that Rimmer could laugh at him.

After a dust storm had passed, Lister and Confidence went for the space walk and retrieved the disc, but Lister was unnerved when Confidence revealed that he had killed Paranoia by feeding him into the Waste Grinder (because he wanted Lister to himself), and had also smashed up the Medicomp (so that Lister couldn't be cured).

Lister said that he was suddenly feeling claustrophobic, and Confidence said he should take his helmet off. A chase ensued, with Lister jumping over some railings and briefly leaving the Gravity Field and entering zero-gee to escape Confidence. Confidence then said oxygen is for losers, and removed his helmet to prove this fact to Lister. After a few seconds of obvious discomfort due the pressure differential, the solid hallucination then exploded into a million pieces. ("Confidence & Paranoia", Series I)

Other Space Walks

Lister floats outside the sleeping quarters porthole window, having lost the keys for Starbug to the BEGGs on the BEGG moon
("Entangled", Series X)

Other times the boys from the Dwarf have gone on space walks include: