Spoon of destiny

The fabled Spoon of Destiny, which can control all things

The "fabled Spoon of Destiny" was an item - actually a normal piece of silverware cutlery - that the boys from the Dwarf pretended was a device to "control all things".

They presented this to the BEGGs in their watunga on the BEGG moon, inside the case of Lister's guitar, in an attempt to clear their mounting debts with them (which already included Rimmer and Starbug), and to try get Lister out of the Groinal Exploder.

The GELFs asked why Lister would want to trade such a powerful artifact, and Lister replied that he'd gotten bored of it. (RD: Entangled, Series X)


  • Kryten is first seen with the spoon in the Red Dwarf sleeping quarters earlier in the episode, after doing the washing up and drying the spoon out with the air dryer located in his bottom.
  • There is more discussion about the spoon in the deleted scenes of the episode, with Rimmer breaking his ruse to talk about it with the BEGGs.