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Sydney Laura Stevenson (born 1988) is a British television actress.


Sydney Stevenson is the daughter of actor Robert Lindsay, who is best known for playing the family patriarch Ben Harper in the sitcom My Family. Sydney co-starred in three episodes of the sitcom with her father. As an infant, Sydney also appeared in the 1989 film Bert Rigby, You're a Fool with her father.

Sydney's mother is Canadian-born English actress Diana Weston, and through her she is descended from the Canadian war hero Charles Basil Price.

Sydney's stepmother is the actress, TV presenter, dancer and singer Rosemarie Ford, who married her father in 2006.


Sydney Stevenson has appeared in a number of television series including Me and Mrs Jones, Doctors, Pointless Celebrities, and Misfits, among others.

Red Dwarf

Sydney appeared as Professor Irene Edgington in the Red Dwarf episode "Entangled" of Series X.

There were a large number of rewrites to the script, and the professor's role was a late addition - it was originally supposed to focus more on the chimpanzee which the professor is found "de-evolved" to, with Lister and Rimmer taking a paternal role to the chimp and arguing over it. However, the chimpanzee actor was not available for long, forcing the rewrites.

The naked legs seen when the professor is restored to human were actually that of an uncredited model, since Sydney Stevenson had not actually been cast in the role of the professor yet.

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