Tongue Tied

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This T-72 was a Russian battle tank used in a World War II artificial reality game used by the crew of Starbug.


When Kristine Kochanski asked Dave Lister and Cat to join her in the "sophisticated and cultured" AR game Pride and Prejudice Land, Lister agreed because he was trying to impress Kris, and Cat agreed because he thought the Bennett sisters were "smoking hot".

However, Kryten was deeply upset, since it was the anniversary of his rescue from Nova 5, and he has cooked a lobster to celebrate. Also, Kryten's Nega-Drive was beginning to initiate, making him tetchier than usual. Angered, Kryten entered the AR program and began picking of the Bennett sisters as they took a walk through the woods, using such methods as blow darts and log traps.

After he missed Mary Bennett, he decided a less subtle approach was necessary. He hacked into a World War II game and borrowed a T-72 tank, which he imported into Jane Austen World.

The T-72 explodes Mr. Bingley's gazebo

Kryten drove the tank through the lake and pulled up at Mr. Bingley's gazebo, where Kochanski, Lister and Cat were having afternoon tea with the Bennetts. Kryten announced that supper was ready, and then fired the tank's main gun, obliterating the gazebo and the Bennett family in a massive explosion.

Kochanski, Lister and Cat (who couldn't be harmed in the AR game) sat among the smouldering ruins, and Lister quipped that he didn't realise robots got PMT. ("Beyond a Joke", Series VII)


  • The T-72 didn't enter service until 1970, making its involvement in a World War II game anachronistic.
  • The tank used in this episode was actually a T-55, a smaller and earlier model than the T-72. The T-55 entered service in 1949.

Behind the Scenes

  • Visual effects designer Peter Wragg rigged the explosion of the gazebo by the T-72 Tank, which was much larger than expected, causing neighbours to ring the police.

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