Kryten demonstrates how to use the wine
(RD: Legion)


Lister's attempt...

Telekinetic Wine, also known as Mimosian Telekinetic Wine and Mamosian Telekinetic Wine, was part of the cuisine originating on Mimas in the 23rd-24th century. Mimosian cuisine was acceptable to both humans and mechanoids, perhaps being designed by or for the latter.

Extremely difficult to use, the wine cups were fixed to the table and the drinker "willed" the liquid into his or her mouth, telepathically deciding on its flavour. This remained an acquired skill usually among artisans, intellectuals and the like of the Space Corps. Heidegger, Davro, Quayle and Holder, some of the greatest minds of the 23rd century, used these items among others to eat aboard the Legion Station in Deep Space.

Three million years later, the Boys from the Dwarf attempted to use it along with Mimosian anti-matter chopsticks, disastrously and messily, to impress Legion. Kryten gave a successful demonstration, sucking up the wine into his mouth through the air. Dave Lister "sucked" too hard on his telekinetic wine, causing the whole jar to hose his face. (RD: Legion)