Tongue Tied

-The Rat ("Skipper")

The Rat is an alternate version of The Cat, from a parallel universe.


In one universe which Rimmer entered, he encountered versions of Kryten and Lister. However, when Rimmer asked about the Cat, the others were confused and said there was a "Mr Rat" on-board and called him over.

The Rat entered the room and sat with the crew and ate cheese with cheese sauce. He was a gigantic rat, who could speak English. Lister had a very good relationship with the Rat.

It is unknown how this universe resembles the prime universe, but it seems the major difference is that instead of sneaking a pet cat aboard Lister snuck a pet rat aboard which got him thrown into stasis, and therefore rats were the ones to evolve aboard the ship instead of cats. Their species may be known as Rattus sapiens. After the radiation leak which killed the crew of Red Dwarf, the rats bred, safely sealed in the hold, and evolved over three million years, sped up by traces of the radiation. However, unlike the Felis sapiens they did not have a holy war and leave the ship, instead they remained, taking over much of the ship.

Unlike their Cat counterparts, Rats looks like giant versions of their rat ancestors, with the ability to walk and talk like humans. They seem to enjoy eating cheese. When Lister was brought out of stasis he befriended one of them, calling him the Rat.



  • Although not credited, The Rat is generally assumed to be portrayed by Danny John-Jules.