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The Ten Percenters (also known as The 10%ers) was a British television comedy series by Grant Naylor Productions, broadcast on ITV, which began as a pilot in 1993 (shown as part of a season entitled Carlton Playhouse), and was followed by two series which were shown in 1994 (starting on April 18) and 1996. The series followed the careers of a group of talent agents. Clive Francis played the main character supported by Elizabeth Hickling and Ian Masters, and the producer was Ed Bye with Marcus Mortimer assisting him as director.

The writers for the pilot were Rob Grant and Doug Naylor, while the first and second series were written by Naylor and various co-writers, including Steve Punt and Paul Alexander. While working on this show the Grant Naylor partnership ended, which lead to Doug Naylor writing all post-Series VI episodes of Red Dwarf with help from some others (including Alexander).

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