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Titan is the largest moon of Saturn in Earth's solar system. By the mid-to-late 22nd century, Titan had been largely terraformed by the Space Corps and was the location of significant colonies.

The national English team from Earth played underwater hockey here. ("Better Than Life")

Dave Lister was the owner of a blanket that he had "acquired" from the Titan Hilton Hotel. He also had several items in his sleeping quarters aboard Red Dwarf with "Souvenir of Titan" stickers on them, including his alarm clock and his fish tank, indicating Lister had spent a lot of time there.

Frankenstein was apparently impregnated by a big, black tomcat whilst on the colony of Titan. ("The End").

Titan was mentioned in the popular song "Lunar City Seven", as well as the drinking game "I've been to Titan" ("Future Echoes", "Balance of Power").

In the "lost episode" of Series I, "Bodysnatcher" (reconstructed in The Bodysnatcher Collection), the medical computer of Red Dwarf, the artificially intelligent Medi-Bot, whistles Mexican tunes and says that it is originally from Titan.

The Titan colony was the location of a zoo. In the sleeping quarters aboard Red Dwarf. Lister once used a photograph of Arnold Rimmer's mother as an ashtray, claiming he believed it to be a "souvenir from Titan Zoo." ("Me²") On another earlier occasion, whilst on planetary shore leave on Titan, Lister and Rimmer were chatting up "two brunettes from supplies". Rimmer suggested that they all go visit the Titan Zoo, to which Lister replied that Rimmer meant he "wanted to take them home to meet his mother already". ("Kryten")

A powerful hallucinogenic, Titan Mushrooms, originated on Titan. Headbanger Harris once smuggled some Titan Mushrooms aboard Red Dwarf, where they were unwittingly ingested by Arnold Rimmer, causing much trouble. ("Stasis Leak")

There was a curry house Restaurants on Titan called the Titan Taj Mahal, which offered it's diners the chance to enjoy authentic Indian cuisine at one-fifth gravity. They advertised before films at Red Dwarf's cinema. Lister, the Universe's biggest curry connoisseur, was of course familiar with it. ("Me²").

Rimmer once asked Lister "How on Titan are you going to pay for that?", indicating that this had entered the English language as an expression. ("Better Than Life").

JMC Supply Officer Caroline Carmen had left Red Dwarf at Titan to be reassigned to another vessel. This prevented her from being killed in the radiation leak. ("Epideme")

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