Tongue Tied

The boys prepare to play golf on Traga 16...

Traga XVI or Traga 16 (pronounced Trey-Ga Sixteen) was a non-S3 planetoid somewhere in Deep Space that was once visited by the boys from Red Dwarf, sometime after they rescued Kryten from Nova 5.


Traga 16 was a very small, but still spherical, dwarf planetoid. It had a surface of yellow desert sand, canyons, ravines and strange rock formations.

Although there was sparse vegetation, such as some form of bushes, it wasn't very inviting to humans. Due the very small size of the planetoid it had a very thin atmosphere and very little gravity. Without an ozone or magnetic field to shield it from space, the planetoid also would have been heavily irradiated, like for example Ceres in Earth's Solar System.

Any human who went down to the surface of Traga 16 would have to wear a space suit. This was not a problem for holograms and mechanoids, of course.


Rimmer tees off...

"It must be here somewhere. I've been around the planetoid twice!"

Lister and Rimmer once played golf on Traga 16, betting that the loser would have to pay the winner 50 DollarPounds, and with Kryten the adjudicator. Kryten built the golf course, but only had room for a nine-hole course due to the planet being so small. Given the thinness of the atmosphere, Kryten made it a 15-mile hole, par three.

Rimmer teed off from the picket fence with minimal force, his golf ball flying off into the horizon. Lister whacked his golf ball a little too hard, and it went up vertically and into orbit around the planetoid, as Kryten noted that with his binoculars. Rimmer declared he had won, smugly marching off to pot his own ball. Rimmer's golf ball then landed by Lister's feet, Kryten noting that it must have gone right around the planetoid. Lister took the ball back to Starbug without telling Rimmer, watching him on the viewscreen as Rimmer walked around the planetoid numerous times looking for it.

Much later, Lister reminisced about Traga 16, noting that it was one of the "fun" times that he had with Rimmer, and gave it as an explanation to Cat why he didn't want to throw away Starbugs old golf clubs, because of their sentimental value. ("Blue", Series VII)


  • As Rimmer appears to have acquired Hard Light mode, the golf session presumably takes place at some point after the events of "Legion".
  • The scene on Traga 16 is reminiscent of the Dwarfer's golf game in "Better Than Life", Series II.
  • The scene is virtually identical to some artwork done for the cover of the original VHS releases (UK and Australian) of Series I, which depicted the boys playing golf on an airless planet - although in the artwork it is Rimmer, Lister, and Cat (the latter two both in space suits) without Kryten (Kryten hadn't been found yet). Cat does not appear in the Traga 16 scene.

Behind the Scenes

  • During the cast commentary for the episode on the Series VII DVD, the cast note that Traga 16 was the first scene they shot for the whole of Series VII.