Tongue Tied
This article is about future Earth coalition. For the similarly-named nation it emerged from, see the United States of America.

The flag of United America, as seen on a wall in the Evil Rehabilitation Base

United America was the name given to a hegemony of militarised nation states which emerged on Earth at the end of the 23rd century.

United America emerged from the United States of America, which attempted to bring peace to the planet by asking every nation on Earth to sign a peace treaty, invading those that refused. This initiated the "War against War", with all of the factions under the treaty becoming known as United America.

United America also forayed into Deep Space, operating a scientific research outpost on a desolate moon. This facility - the Evil Rehabilitation Base - researched a "cure" for evil, resurrecting some of the controversial figures in Earth history to experiment on. The project was led by one of United America's top scientists, Professor Shaul Telford. ("Cured", Series XII)

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