Tongue Tied

Kryten offering his future self some "hogwash" ("Out of Time")

The Dwarfers celebrate surviving the battle with their future selves with Urine Recyc Wine. Note the foam mustaches. ("Out of Time" original ending)

Urine Recyc Wine is a type of alcoholic beverage brewed in batches by Kryten. It is not very well liked by the others, and only drank when the boys from the Dwarf are out of Leopard Lager.

Urine Recyc Wine is brewed from the urine of the crew, and leaves a foam mustache that can only be removed with paint stripper. ("Out of Time", Series VI)

Television Series

When they lost Arnold Rimmer down a wormhole, and the navicomp told them that they couldn't retrieve him for six centuries, Cat suggested that they celebrate with champagne. Lister said that they didn't have any champagne left (they were stranded on Starbug at the time, having lost Red Dwarf), but Lister was willing to celebrate with Urine Recyc nonetheless. ("Rimmerworld")

Kryten tried to offer Urine Recyc to his refined future self and his bloated, spoiled companions, who spat out the Urine Recyc, calling it "hogwash". ("Out of Time") In the original, excised ending to this episode, the Dwarfers celebrate surviving the battle with their future selves by drinking Urine Recyc. This scene can be seen in the Series VI documentary The Starbuggers.

In the "Xtended" version of the episode "Duct Soup" of Series VII, it is revealed that the wine Lister gives to Kristine Kochanski is Urine Recyc Wine, but she doesn't know it.

In the Series VII episode "Beyond a Joke", Kryten mentions "Green Wine". This is most likely Urine Recyc Wine made from Lister's urine, as in an earlier episode - "Bodyswap" - Rimmer mentions that Lister's urine is green.

Other Appearances

Urine Recyc Wine was one of the cooking ingredients used by the crew in the cooking special "Can't Smeg, Won't Smeg".


  • There is more discussion about Urine Recyc Wine in the deleted scenes of the episode "Out of Time", with Kryten discussing how it is brewed and defending it to the rest of the crew. In the original ending of the episode, also viewable on the Series VI DVD, the crew celebrate surviving the battle with their future selves by drinking Urine Recyc Wine. Kryten lies telling them they are margaritas, but they all wince and it leaves them with foam mustaches.