Brother War was a member of the Apocalypse Boys. (RD: Gunmen of the Apocalypse)


When Kryten contracted the Armageddon Virus from a Simulant battle cruiser, he started to hallucinate himself in a wild west fantasy. He was the town's sheriff and was fighting a losing battle with a drinking problem. When Jimmy told him that the Apocalypse Boys were out in the street, he went outside to parley with them.

The leader, Death, introduced himself and his 3 brothers. One of them was called War. He dressed in a mixture of Native American clothing and U.S. cavalry uniform and wore a bandanna. He had long hair around his shoulders and had only one long eyebrow that covered both eyes. As he was introduced to Sheriff Kryten he blew fire from a flaming brand.

He and the others fired their weapons at Kryten's feet and told him to leave town. Later, when the Dwarfers faced the Apocalypse Boys in the street, Rimmer offered to fight one of them hand to hand. War stepped forward, blew fire again, put out the brand with his hand and then tore a hitching post from its mount. Rimmer tried the same, but his special skills had been erased. He then tried to explain to War that he was not as brave as he had appeared. After hitting Rimmer with the hitching post, War looked on in confusion as Rimmer danced around clapping to exit the program. He then proceeded to hit Rimmer several times while he tried to remove his AR helmet.

War and his brothers advanced on Rimmer with their knives, threatening to cut him up. After Lister managed to save Rimmer from the program, the brothers faced off against Kryten. Despite shooting him several times, Kryten was able to release his dove program, obliterating the Apocalypse Boys and the virus they represented. (RD: Gunmen of the Apocalypse)

Behind the Scenes

War was played by stuntman Robert Inch. He had never breathed fire before and learned to do it specifically for Red Dwarf.

Despite having no dialogue, Inch received full credit for his performance.

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