Tongue Tied

The opening title of Women's Shower Night

'Women's Shower Night' was a pay-per-view event recorded from Kryten's optical receptors as part of Krytie TV (in the Series VIII episode of the same name), after he was reprogrammed to carry out Kill Crazy's plan, which involved viewing the naked women, including Kristine Kochanski, in the showers of the women's wing, much to the delight of the male population of The Tank watching.

Women's Shower Night replaced the low quality B-movie that was going to be shown at the prison cinema, Attack of the Giant Savage Completely Invisible Aliens. To make the prisoners pay for it, Kryten, now a ruthless entrepreneur, looked at a cracked floor tile, reminding them that it was a pay-per view event. There was also someone selling choc-ices, presumably smuggled into the Tank.

Feeling guilty for watching "three gobsmacking hours of steamy fun", Lister ended up telling Kochanski, who was furious. This forced the end of Women's Shower Night, but since Kryten had paid off the guards, there was no recrimination. Kryten was forced to think up of a new show for Krytie TV, one that would make for good ratings. This involved getting Lister and Rimmer to trash Warden Ackerman's quarters, telling them that it was Tim's quarters where Kochanski was allegedly going for a date. Warden Ackerman was, in fact, bringing Supply Officer Patricia Carling round to his quarters for a date. ("Krytie TV")